"Provide the best portable functional training material to our clients through the best athletes of the country , which have tested and developed the products with the aim that anyone can train like the best . To Two materials have been chosen to ensure the maximum quality, design and lightness of the products to be transported and able to train anywhere "


"To be the leading national company in the sale of functional sports equipment, providing the best experience and personalized attention to each of our clients."


  • Trust : We want the client to feel the security that he is buying the best with the best and opening the dialogue from the moment of his purchase to give him an excellent service.

  • Responsibility : In the event of any product failure and / or customer dissatisfaction, we will provide a solution to the problem immediately.

  • Quality : Each product before being manufactured will go through detailed quality controls. Prior to its sale, it must be reviewed and verified that it is in optimal conditions.

  • Passion : Each one of the members of the brand should feel proud to belong to the team, promoting a healthy life with them first in order to have the same impact on others.

  • Coherence : For each of the activities or alliances that we make, SOLO PF will take care of the image of the brand to always maintain our essence and target audience.

  • Transparency : the price displayed or the agreed price will be the final price.

  • Innovation :we will be in a constant search to improve and offer new services and products.